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3/22/2015 Shell1965 5 stars You are so kind and insightful. Thank you!!
3/19/2015 Libra210 5 stars I can always count on J to be quick and to the point. Thxs for the reading and for keeping it real. I’ll try not to worry as you say things will be moving along and ok with me and G. Love talking to you.
3/18/2015 horsewhisperer 5 stars Jeanette, Words cannot describe the blessings you have given me with your insights into such complicated situations. I’m at this major crossroads but definitely refuse to continue on the roller coaster ride. You see a future with E and even though i’m feeling like running for the hills your information and details have been so amazing that I have to believe you’re definitely right. I will reach out to her and see what happens. Will keep you posted. Thank You…
3/11/2015 Alice5989 5 stars Still see the job in April.interview next week or last week of March. Meet someone new in july ,going to event with an friend,the guy I meet is he an scopico and relationship in August long term!!!
3/6/2015 horsewhisperer 5 stars Thank You !! You brought clarity to my situation . go ahead and get the loan sees no real problem. confirmed a legal battle happening with someone i know totally amazing.
3/3/2015 horsewhisperer 5 stars This woman has totally blown my mind with some of the information she’s told me about. Mentioned an ex was dating a Scorpio way back in the day and got confirmation from her that she had. Mentioned my current job and boss would come back with an actual money offer and they did. Mentioned a few things about my ex which I have yet to confirm but she’s definitely got the gift . She is way beyond good and good at time frames, funny thing is I mentioned me having a meeting with a former gf and she said the number 3, as it turns out we saw each other 3 hours later. Awesome !!
3/3/2015 horsewhisperer 5 stars You have been amazing with so many details about my situation work and otherwise that you have my highest regard and respect as to your abilities. Will keep you posted as to what happens on all fronts. You are predicting a come back with both women. Let’s see what happens. Thank you…
3/3/2015 horsewhisperer 5 stars You’ve said and have confirmed some amazing details that i must say have blown my mind as to your abilities. Predicting a comeback on both situations , sees cheating ex. Totally amazing depth of details. She is the real deal. Definite must call advisor. Thank You !! You totally rock !!
3/2/2015 D-day 5 stars Thanks for the insight. You were very right before and everything you predicted came to pass I’m sure you have it right this time too.
3/1/2015 Alice5989 5 stars So I know the better job is in April, however she told me about a job agency and told me to apply and said they will call me this week for an interview, how about Friday I have interview. U rock!!!… plz try!

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  • Colleen
    5 years ago

    I have known this wonderful reader for several years. She helped me through a very difficult period. She didn’t always tell me what I wanted to hear but she’s we always right. And remember if you want her help she will tell you what would be better. We can’t force situations but she understands and p prays for and with yu for the best option. She is wonderful.

  • Jeanette is Fantastic. I’ve been reading with her for many years and she has proven her to me that her accuracy and predictions have come to pass and are still in the process of coming to fruition. She is very compassionate and very accurate. I have read with many psychics before and haven’t found anyone as accurate as her. If you want someone REAL and down to earth and the “TRUTH” then call her. Make sure you write her time frames down 1st to each of the questions you ask her so that those come first before asking the same question.

  • Jeanette is absolutely the BEST. Her predictions have been spot on for years for me. Her honestly is exactly what we all need when we are trying to seek answers that will enrich our lives. A must a call! Life affirming, life changing guidance.

  • Jeanette is the BEST psychic ever 🙂

  • jorge0246
    3 years ago

    Caring and accurate reader. The best. You will not be disappointed.

  • The best psychic I have ever spoken with

  • For anyone who doesn’t know Arch Angel star let me be frank. I am a cop. I believe things on evidence. Star is the real deal. For almost a year now she’s been helping me thru some tough stuff. All I can tell you is DO NOT doubt her. She is the real deal. I’m blessed to be able to call her a friend. My story is way too long and personal to publish. What I will say is I doubted and was a complete fool. Trust her… she is the real deal.

  • Tamara Copeland
    5 months ago

    Jeanette has read for me since 2013 and she is eerily accurate. If I can’t handle the truth, I don’t call. But when I’m ready and want straight talk, real dates, and possible outcomes…she is extremely gifted. She has **seriously** predicted specific, immediate outcomes (to the exact day) and longterm results. I was ready this time!! I’m so glad I was brave enough to face the truth because she gave me a few tips/advice and let me know the final outcomes. There is no reason to need another advisor because you will get the straight story the first time with Jeanette.

  • Can you really wait to find the truth, I had to get out of a very bad marriage without Jeanette’s professional guidance I would not have resolved my mental torture and started my journey of saving my future happiness. Jeannette is the BEST!

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